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McKenzie Method

The Mckenzie Method is an approach created by renowned Physical Therapist Robin McKenzie. The McKenzie approach uses a mechanical approach for the assessment of spine and extremity pain, as well as the entire musculoskeletal system to identify the source of pain. The Mckenzie Method is broken down into four steps. The four steps are: assessment, classification, treatment and prevention. On initial examination, a clinician will examine you and ask you questions regarding your symptoms. Additionally, you will be asked to perform a series of repeated movements which will give the clinician information regarding your condition. Following a thorough examination a clinician will classify the patient into a category or syndrome. Being placed into a category will allow the clinician to compose a proper treatment plan. The next phase will be the treatment phase for the patient. Mckenzie focuses on patient self help and care. Patients will be instructed on specific exercise/movement patterns that will help solve their problem sooner. Unlike attending a clinic once or twice per week, the Mckenzie approach will educate the patient to perform a movement or technique on his/her own 5-6 times per day which will accelerate the healing process compared to just coming to the clinic. This will minimize the number of visits and allow patients to focus on prevention now that they have the tools to protect themselves and assist in healing. In order to assess if the Mckenzie approach is appropriate for you a certified clinician will ask you a series of questions which will determine if this approach is correct for you. If a patient answered yes to four or more of the nine questions then the patient will more than likely benefit. The Mckenzie method has been used for over 30 years and has been one of the highest researched topics in Physical Therapy. There have been countless patients who have been given their lives back due to the Mckenzie Method.

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