Mulligan Technique Bethpage, Ronkonkoma & Hicksville, NY

Mulligan Technique

The Mulligan approach is a concept used by Physical Therapists that focuses on hands on techniques. Mulligan uses mobilization with movement. These hands-on techniques can help assist patients with musculoskeletal pain to improve movement restrictions, and pain with certain movement and restrictions in function. Patients will see and feel results immediately if they are going to benefit from the techniques. The Mulligan is not a passive approach and patients will have to be active in self-help at home to achieve the optimal results. The common indications for the use of Mulligan include: acute pain, arthritis motion loss, cervicogenic headaches, TMJ, acute or chronic sprains, lateral epicondylitis and lack of movement following surgical intervention. The technique relies on Natural Apophyseal Glides (NAGS), Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides (SNAGS) and Movement with Motion (MWM) to reduce pain and improve a patient’s range of motion. These joint mobilization techniques, whether they are one time mobilization or mobilization over a sustained period of time will help to increase the mobility and mechanics of a joint. By improving the glide and roll of the joint, a patient will have a joint that will become more naturally functioning. Once the clinician is able to achieve the improved mechanics of the joint for the patient, they will then introduce passive end of range overpressure (stretching) to further increase mobility. The goal is to then stretch the musculature to a new length, which will, over time, be sustained. A patient will now have the ability for increased motion at the joint in question allowing more mobility and freedom. The stretching must be performed in a pain free range otherwise the patient will fight the movement and thus, will limit the benefit of this technique. Many patients will benefit from Mulligan Technique and they will see results almost immediately.

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