Soft Tissue Mobilization Bethpage, Ronkonkoma & Hicksville, NY

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue injuries are extremely common injuries that people can experience. The most common types of soft tissue injuries include sprains/strains which impact muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Soft tissue mobilization is used to decrease muscle tone/spasm and lengthen fascia and surrounding tissue. Soft tissue mobilization is also utilized to help with scar mobility and to decrease formation of scar tissue. Patients who have surgical procedures are left with a scar from the procedure which can cause fibrous tissue to be formed. Fibrous tissue is very tough and resilient tissue that will limit joint mobility and motion. Soft tissue/scar mobilization is an extremely important aspect of patient care following a surgical procedure to ensure that the patient gets back full range of motion. Soft tissue mobilization is an important aspect for care and treatment of many different conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to: tennis elbow, shoulder/hip bursitis, contusions, carpal tunnel, knee or ankle sprain/strain and any other tendonitis. The manual aspect of hands-on soft tissue mobilization aims to decrease muscle tone and limit the activity of nerves to limit the patient ability to feel the pain they are experiencing. Soft tissue mobilization will also allow for reduction of swelling/edema in an area. If a patient is experiencing swelling in a joint, soft tissue mobilization can help to reduce the swelling by pushing the fluid away from the joint. Once swelling has been reduced the patient will have less inflammation and improve mobility of the joint. Edema inside of a joint will block the joint from going through its full range of motion. A Physical Therapist will use soft tissue mobilization in a retrograde fashion to force fluid back towards a patient’s heart so the fluid can be recirculated and absorbed by the body. Soft tissue mobilization is an integral part of treatment for many common injuries that a patient may experience and will lead to a positive outcome.

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