Lori R.

I have been coming to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for quite a number of years. I have been treated for my back and recently for my neck. I moved back to Brooklyn about 5 years ago. For convenience purposes I tried another therapy office that was “HIGHLY” recommended to me by a few close friends in my neighborhood. Needless to say I walked out of my session halfway through my appointment. I actually called Farmingdale Physical Therapy West as I was still in the other “therapy” office. I guess when you go to a place like FPTW that provides, performs and executes in such high standards, you just assume that everyone else would follow (well you know the saying for what happens when you assume.)

I have so many stories from Butch hearing about how my knee was bothering me. I was being treated for my neck. A few days later I was leaving from my session as Butch was walking in. The first thing he said was “how is my knee doing?” I replied it’s fine. Typical caring Butch said “I will be the judge of that” and told me to get on a table so he can look at it.

One day I came in, I was in so much pain BettyAnn noticed it in my eyes. When she started to work on me she said “I can see it in your eyes how much pain you are in”. She knows that when I get massage therapy I like it on the strong side. However, she said she didn’t think it was a good idea to work on me like that that day BUT she still had me feeling better than when I walked in.

Scott one day noticed that one of my spasms was really bad. He took extra time to work on me that day in order to work it out.

These are just a few of the MANY amazing stories of the passionate and amazing treatment you receive here at FPTW. You can hear, see and feel it as soon as you walk in from the front desk to the office staff, the entire FPTW team and even from the other patients. It really is like a family here and not like a physical therapy appointment. I look forward to my appointments.