I always tell people you have to take charge of your life. That’s why I decided that Farmingdale Physical Therapy West (FPTW) sessions had to be a major commitment of my weekly schedule routine (2-3 times/week).

I’ve been treated by FPTW for the past 6 years for my chronic condition. Balance, motion range and muscle strength to mention few symptoms. FPTW family, led by Butch, kept me active, strong and kept symptoms under control and well managed. PT sessions done by Butch and his team has helped tremendously to control my condition, maintain mobility, and overcome challenging obstacles. The treatment sessions included many activities which helped restore muscle strength, balance & joint flexibility and move forward with my life. Butch and his team proved to not only be knowledgeable of what was needed for my therapy, but precisely what I am looking for. The positive, encouraging, safe, and comfortable environment played an essential role in my progress and recovery journey. Farmingdale PT West team made a world of difference to my range of motion (ROM), strength, and comfort. Thank you Farmingdale PT West for everything you have done. I appreciate having a lifelong friends who are supportive, and fun to be with! Going out of their way and taking the extra mile for patients is the norm here for all staff members