3 Benefits of Foam Rolling

3 Benefits of Foam Rolling

If you have ever been in any sporting goods store, a gym, or even your physical therapist’s office, I am sure you have seen a foam roller before. Foam rollers are an effective, inexpensive and portable way to help with trigger points around your muscles. Dr. Axe, a wellness physician, describes foam rolling as a form of massage used to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints to help aid in muscle recovery. Whether you are an athlete or someone who enjoys light activity, foam rolling is beneficial for anyone.


Here are just a few of the many benefits of foam rolling:

Alleviate Muscle Fatigue and Soreness

Studies from The Journal of Athletic Training, show that, “Foam rolling effectively reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and associated decrements in most dynamic performance measures. Foam rolling also significantly improved quadriceps muscle tenderness by a moderate to large amount in the days after fatigue.”


Increased Joint Range of Motion

A study published in The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, concluded that the use of the foam rollers had a significant effect increases in ROM, (range of motion) particularly when used for long durations.


Better Circulation

Foam rolling helps break up the tight areas where blood flow is restricted. After the tight areas become loose blood is then driven into those parts, which allows nutrient exchange and waste to be cleared out.


Now, before you start foam rolling away, keep in mind some common mistakes to avoid. Dr. Mercola, a natural health expert, recommends not rolling too fast, he explains,” your movements on the foam roller should be slow and concentrated. If you roll too fast, your muscles won’t have time to adapt to and manage the compression, and you’re not going to eliminate adhesions.” Dr. Mercola also recommends not rolling on any painful areas. Instead, roll a few inches away from the area, that way you won’t increase inflammation and prevent healing.

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