What is it?

Migraines are a type of headache that are severe, usually affect one side of the head and create a pulsing/pounding sensation in the patient.



How Does it Happen?

Migraines can occur from early ages, teenage years or middle age. Migraine causes are not generally well understood at this current time. There are believed to be genetic and environmental factors that play a role in the frequency of migraine cases. Additionally, chemical imbalances in the brain and hormonal changes may contribute to the headaches. Food/Diet, alcohol intake, environmental changes/pressure changes and sensory stimuli such as bright lights can set off a migraine. There are certain risk factors such as age, family history, gender can increase the frequency.



Symptoms of migraines may appear one or two days before a migraine will present. These include: mood changes, neck pain, increased thirst and urination and yawning. An aura may or may not be present with a migraine. An aura can include seeing bright lights, vision loss, weakness, trouble speaking, numbness/tingling. A migraine will usually last two or three days that can present with throbbing pain, light headed, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. Following the two or three period a patient may also experience confusion, dizziness and weakness.


What Can You Do?

Patients should see a medical doctor if headaches persist or intensify. If you have abrupt severe headache, fever/stiff neck or headache after a head injury patient should head to the emergency room. Medication can be prescribed by a doctor that can help decrease intensity/frequency of headaches. Patients should keep a log of when a headache occurs and what triggers that may create the headache so that it can be avoided in the future. Patients can also seek treatment from a Physical Therapist to decrease neck pain, stiffness and perform myofascial release technique to decrease trigger points. A Physical Therapist may also work on facial muscles and or jaw muscles that can eliminate tension which can reduce pain and headaches.