Covid-19 and The Physical Effects It May Have on Your Body

Covid-19 and The Physical Effects It May Have on Your Body

Another Covid-19 blog. I know, most of you are sick of hearing about this horrid virus. Yet, it’s our job to provide you with information regarding the virus, steps you can take to prevent catching it, and some things you can do if you’ve already had it. In this article, we’ll mainly be focusing on some physical effects the virus may have had on your body (if you’ve had it) and the physical effects it CAN have on your body (if you ever catch it).

For starters, let us just break down this virus a little bit. Covid-19 is a virus that infects your body by entering itself into your healthy cells, once there, the virus multiplies itself and spreads throughout the body. According to WebMD, the virus basically highjacks your healthy cells, takes command, and sometimes leaves them for dead. As you may already know, there are two types of people- symptomatic & asymptomatic. You could have the virus and never even know; this is one of the many reasons it’s scary. Some of the symptoms that occur in symptomatic people include: fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc. Considering that the virus moves throughout the body by using your respiratory tract (the airway that includes your mouth, lungs, nose, throat, lungs), physical effects are also bound to follow the virus.

Just like any other virus, Covid-19 can make you feel physically weak and drained. The virus causes body aches, fatigue, shortness of breath, and headaches. When you feel this way, you usually don’t even want to move. Although resting is the smart thing to do when you’re sick, resting too much can cause the muscles in your body to become weaker. It’s like a ripple effect, one problem causes another.

How to Get Back to Normal

So once the virus goes away, how do you go back to normal? There are a few answers to this, and here they are:

  • Become more physically active, just because you had to take 2 weeks off, doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be lazy once you’re cured!
  • Physical activity will get you breathing properly again while also strengthening those muscles that you may have not used while sick.
  • Continue with your daily routine, don’t let the virus run your life. Once you’re cured, you should do those same things you were doing before you caught the virus. Just be careful of who you’re spending your time around.
  • Stay hydrated with water, Gatorade, etc. These drinks provide electrolytes and help your body recover.

If you were not in very good physical condition prior to contracting Covid-19, it may have a harsher effect on your body and your muscles. If this is the case, physical therapy is your answer. Not only will it help you become stronger, but it will also get you feeling younger as well. Our therapists specialize in muscle rehabilitation and would have no problem helping you be yourself again.

Our facility is taking all precautions to keep our clients and ourselves safe. Should you have any questions regarding our Covid-19 precautions, scheduling a free health screening, or anything else that may be on your mind; feel free to call us at 516-731-3583. I hope this blog has helped to inform you.

Thanks for reading!

Written by: Brandon Callaghan

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