Farmingdale Physical Therapy Fall Challenge Week 2

Great job this first week everyone! Remember if you haven’t already post your achieved points onto the Farmingdale Physical Therapy West Facebook page!

Week of 9/29 – 10/5

This next week’s challenge will be to try and stop eating after 7PM for 4 days this week.

  • Receive 10 points for completing this challenge!

This will be a very hard challenge, but has several benefits. First, to better explain the challenge, close down the kitchen at 7PM. No eating after dinner is finished and cleaned. Try and complete this fast for 4 days out of the week.

*There will not be a bonus this week

**Remember that you can continue to do post dinner walks for 1 point each walk! (You will not receive more points for adding companion)

***There’s still time to complete last week’s super bonus! Take part in a walk for a cause by November 2nd and earn 5 points

The Benefits:

It is not a scientific fact that eating after 7PM will make you gain weight, but it has been researched that people who do consume food after 7PM tend to eat more than they need and often times it is a meal/snack containing high fat counts. In a study performed by Brigham Young University, 29 young men and women were asked to avoid consuming calories between the hours of 7PM to 6AM for two weeks. During the two weeks they recorded their food intake. Preceding the fast the participants were given a one week control week and then another two week time period was monitored, without a fast. The study found that the average weight change in the first two weeks of fasting was 0.9 pounds lost and the weight change in the preceding two weeks was 1.3 pounds gained. Mood between the two weeks was unchanging however during the weeks of fasting, participants found that they were hungrier upon waking up. This may seem obvious, but this is a good thing as many of us tend to skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It was also found that during the two weeks of fast, participants consumed approximately 240 calories less than when they weren’t fasting. Also their fat intake decreased significantly along with carbohydrate intake. Which gives reason to believe that the late night snacking was not carrots and broccoli.

Now that we have learned that food consumption after 7PM can decrease daily caloric and fat intake; let’s see what else it can do! Ceasing food consumption at 7PM can make us hungrier in the morning. This will make us eat breakfast, a meal that is often skipped. Skipping breakfast can have an effect on the rest of the decisions made for the day. First, when we don’t eat breakfast we tend to overeat at lunch or dinner. We come home from work and start eating ravenously and often times it is of no nutritional value to us. Second, it kick starts our metabolism. As we all know a fast metabolism is key to losing weight and staying active. Finally, breakfast gives us energy. Who knows maybe you won’t need that morning coffee anymore!


Tips on how to stop eating after 7PM:

  1. Brush your teeth if you begin to crave food. Who likes eating pizza with peppermint?
  2. Drink a glass of water
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Post a sign on the kitchen pantry and refrigerator saying “Closed”
  5. Go to sleep

Total Available points for this week: 17 points!!

***Be sure to consult with your doctor before participating if you have current health issues***

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