Farmingdale Physical Therapy Fall Challenge

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is a challenge for the fall season! Since summer is coming to a close and the colder weather is coming we won’t be able to be outside for much longer. I thought it might be a fun idea for the fall season (September 23 – December 21) to have a weekly challenge. Each week a challenge will be posted on the blog and for that week you will try to make the change in your daily routine. An example could be “This week try to go for a post dinner walk at least twice.” Anytime you complete a challenge you will receive 3 points. Some weeks you may have the opportunity to receive more points. An example could be “For each additional walk you take you will receive a point. Add a companion (family, significant other, friend, dog, cat, etc.) and receive another point.” Make sure you keep track of your points and at the end of the season the participant with the most points will be crowned the “Fall Challenge Champion”! These are the points you want to have!


  1. Points will be tracked by the participant (based off of the honor system)
  2. The challenge week will be run from Tuesday-Monday
  3. If you complete a challenge from a previous week you may add 1 point. An example could be “If you take a post-dinner walk, during a later week than the posted challenge week you can still receive a point. However; bonus points are not added for post week challenges.”
  4. Participants will post their weekly points on the Farmingdale Physical Therapy Facebook page. Each week we will ask how many points you achieved and we will log them. At the end of the challenge all points will be tallied up and the winner will receive the grand prize.
  5. In the case of a tie, all winners will be placed into a lottery and one winner will be drawn.


Winner will receive two FREE personal training sessions with Richard Purslow! Rich is a Certified Fitness Trainer through International Sports Science Association, former professional hockey player in Europe and ECHL, and director of Weight Loss Intervention Center of Long Island.


To kick it off:

Week of 9/22 – 9/28

This week’s challenge will be…you guessed it! Go for a post dinner walk at least twice this week!

  • Receive 3 points for completing two post dinner walks

Bonus! **(Only available 9/22 – 9/28)**

  • 1 point: Each additional post dinner walk (Maximum: 5 bonus points)
  • 1 point: Add a companion (family, significant other, friend, dog, cat, etc.) Only 1 point may be added per walk (Maximum: 7 bonus points)

Super Bonus!! **(Only available 9/22 – 11/2)

  • Walk for a cause. If you partake in a charity walk during this time period you will be able to gain an extra 5 POINTS!
    • There is a longer availability date on this challenge so you have time to find one, sign up and participate!

Total available points for this week: 20 points!!

Good luck and get walkin’!

***Be sure to consult with your doctor before participating if you have current health issues***

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