Farmingdale Physical Therapy West Fall Challenge Week 3

Apologies for last week’s challenge. Due to technical difficulties week 2’s challenge was not posted on Facebook. Seeing as no one was able to do this particular challenge we will consider last week as a “week off”. Sorry again for the inconvenience to those who are actively following the challenge. If you view our blog, you will be able to view what last week’s challenge would have been and please feel free to try it out!

Week of 10/6 – 10/12

This week’s challenge will be to make a healthy food substitute for 50% of the dinners you cook at home this week.

  • Receive 7 points for completing this challenge

Since everyone has different and busy schedules we will do a percentage for this week’s challenge. If you know that you will only prepare 4 dinners for yourself this week, 2 of them must have a healthy food substitute. In the case that you prepare an odd number, such as 3 or 5, than you 2 or 3 respectively will qualify as having a healthy food substitute.

Bonus 10/6 -10/12

  • Receive an extra 10 points if you have a healthy food substitute made for every meal prepared this week (including: breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Remember that you can continue to do post dinner walks for 1 point each walk! (You will not receive more points for adding companion)
  • ***There’s still time to complete last week’s super bonus! Take part in a walk for a cause by November 2ndand earn 5 points


What is a healthy food substitute?

When we cook meals we often have a lot of carbohydrates in them. Though carbohydrates are needed in our diet, too many can lead to weight gain and, in more extreme cases, diabetes. It is difficult to think about cutting out all carbohydrates as most foods we eat include them. Not only are foods most of us generally eat high in carbohydrates, but are also high in fats (and not the good kind!). So what do we do when we want to eat all of these delicious foods but don’t want to sacrifice our bodies for it? We make a healthy food substitute! Though the flavor will change slightly it will be a healthier more nutritional meal and who knows you may find it tastes better than the original. An example of a food substitute is zucchini for pasta. By making ribbons of zucchini and sautéing them just a few minutes you have an instant substitute for pasta. Based off of experience I find using zucchini as pasta as one of the best ideas my family ever came across. Since pasta doesn’t have much flavor to begin with zucchini is a great flavorful substitute. You can add your sauce and meatballs all the same, but your meal just lost 162 calories per cup; not to mention 28 less grams of carbohydrates as well!

If you follow the link below you will be able to find different substitutes you can use for this next week’s challenge.

  • Instead of making the family mashed potatoes this week make them mashed cauliflower!
  • Making tacos tonight for “Taco Tuesday”? Use lettuce leaves rather than tortilla wraps!
  • Use eggs whites in your omelet rather than the whole egg!
  • Ground turkey instead of ground beef

These are just a few of the different healthy substitutions that you can make this week. There are many more that are not on this list. Or if you come up with any please share with us so that we and others can experience your great idea! In the chance that you already do this than you will easily be able to gain the bonus 10 points this week!

Total available points this week: 24 points!

***Be sure to consult with your doctor before participating if you have current health issues***

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