Farmingdale Physical Therapy West Fall Challenge Week 4

Great job this past week to everyone who participated! Make sure you log your points on the Facebook page!

Week of 10/13 – 10/20
This week’s challenge will be to have 2 family/friend nights this week.
– Receive 5 points for completion of this challenge
Bonus: (10/13 – 10/20)
– Receive 3 bonus points for having a family/friend night of over 10 people (will only count for one of the nights, not both.)
– Remember that you can continue to do post dinner walks for 1 point each walk! (You will not receive more points for adding a companion)
– You can also continue to make healthy substitutes in your meals. If you make 50% or more of your meals with a healthy substitute you can receive 7 points!
– ***There’s still time to complete the first’s week’s super bonus! Take part in a walk for a cause by November 2nd and earn 5 points

What is a family/friend night?
Family/friend night can be either having a few friends over or having a couple family members over to enjoy each other’s company. I will not specify how many people should be in attendance, because everyone has a different amount of family and friends. I will just say to have more than one person over. So there should be a total of three people in attendance, including yourself.
As for what to do during your family/friend night that is completely up to you! Everyone has different interests so do what you find fun and engaging with your friends and family.
Examples include but are not limited to:
– Making and having dinner
–  Going out to dinner
– Family/friend game night
– Watch a movie
– Go to a movie
– Go to a comedy show
– Go to a local concert
– Go pumpkin picking
– Go to the zoo/museum
Benefits of a family/friend night:
For families with children – Families that spend time together have children that feel more special, because the parents take the time to pay attention to them. When children feel important it often leads to superior performance in schoolwork, better communication amongst child and parent, and a stronger emotional bond.
For everyone – spending time with family and friends can relieve stress. According to the Mayo clinic relationships increase your sense of purpose, boost happiness, improve self-confidence and self-worth, help cope with trauma and help make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Several studies have also found a link between people who have strong relationships with both family and friends tend to live longer.
Total available points this week: 27 points

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