Farmingdale Physical Therapy West Fall Challenge Week 5

Again great job to those who participated this week and make sure to log your points on Facebook!

Week of 10/20 – 10/27:

This week’s challenge will be, during the hours of 9AM – 7PM, after every 30-45 minutes of sitting stand up and move around for at least 2 minutes.

  • Receive 10 points for completing this challenge


  • Remember that you can continue to do post dinner walks for 1 point each walk! (You will not receive more points for adding a companion
  • You can also continue to make healthy substitutes in your meals. If you make 50% or more of your meals with a healthy substitute you can receive 7 points!
  • You can also continue to have 2 family/friend nights for 5 points!
  • ***There’s still time to complete the first’s week’s super bonus! Take part in a walk for a cause by November 2nd and earn 5 points

The Pros of Standing and the Cons of Sitting

It has been researched that the average American sits for more than 50% of their awake day, or 7.7 hours a day (not including sleep). While it is not good to be standing for a whole day, it is even worse to be sitting for one. Sitting slows the metabolism and decreases, or can cease the production of lipase. Lipase is the enzyme that breaks down lipids in the body. Lipids are essential for the body to function, but are the primary fat source in the body. When lipids are broken down they can be turned into energy, but when they are not broken down they are stored as fat. In essence, sitting for long periods causes us to store more fat than we should be. When we are standing we burn more calories, improve muscle tone and improve posture. Good posture is important to prevent spasms and pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

Total available points this week: 34 points

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