Getting Back on Track after Super Bowl Weekend!

This past weekend’s Super Bowl was definitely a lot of fun; from the big game, to the half time show, to the commercials and who could forget all of the food! I for one loved the assortment of tasty snacks available at my Super Bowl party, but now it’s Tuesday and it’s time we get back on track to healthy eating. A splurge every once in a while is not a bad thing, but when it becomes a habit, that is when problems arise. The sooner you start eating healthier the easier it will be to get back on track to that New Year’s resolution diet you may have decided to start not too long ago. Here are a couple of easy healthy meals you could make this week to make sure that that Super Bowl party wasn’t’ the end of your diet.  For lunch this week why not try Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad! Everyone loves chicken salad, but the mayonnaise in the recipe is so bad for you; instead you can use Greek yogurt! Throw in some grapes, apples, almonds, onions and cranberries for some extra flavor. Dying for some warm comfort food this week? Try making Quinoa Broccoli casserole ( ). For your protein this week, how about some fish? Fish are low in fat, high in protein and vitamins that are very important such as; omega-3 and fish oil. For more fun recipes click the following link or simply search quick healthy recipes and share what you find!

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