2 Secrets for a Speedy Recovery after Workouts

2 Secrets for a Speedy Recovery after Workouts

The recovery process has become a staple of each athlete’s training program. In order to have a successful workout session during your training cycle, an athlete needs to provide themselves with the newest and most appropriate forms of recovery.

#1 Compression Therapy

One of the newest trends that has become very popular among collegiate athletes is compression therapy. Compression therapy utilizes sequential pulse technology along with a relaxing pulsating massage to help flush-out lactic acid and increase blood circulation. NormaTec designs several different compression boots and wraps for any part of the body to help athletes accelerate the recovery process. Compression therapy can be used not only for speedy recovery, but it can also be used to treat a wide range of conditions such as thrombosis, chronic vein disease, and edema.


#2 Cryotherapy

Another trend that many athletes are beginning to use is called Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a pain treatment method that uses localized freezing temperatures to reduce irritated nerves. Cryotherapy has evolved over the years through extraordinary breakthrough in technology. Originally athletes would use ice baths to help with their recovery but now the cryotherapy trend is starting to takeoff. Cryotherapy works by placing a probe into the tissue next to the irritated nerve. The probe then reduces to a freezing temperature to effectively inactive the nerve.


With today’s never-ending advancements in technology, the recovery process for athletes is becoming simple and easy. Be sure to check out these unique recovery methods the next time you need an extra boost!

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