Pre-surgical rehabilitation, also known as “pre-hab” has many benefits for patients. For patients who have pre-planned joint replacements or other reparative operations, pre-surgical rehabilitation helps reduce the time and challenges of post-surgery rehabilitation. Those patients who participate in pre-hab programs often have shorter hospital stays, regain function and return to their regular lives faster than those who do not participate in pre-surgical rehabilitation. As a result, many doctors are now prescribing pre-hab before surgery for their patients.

The Basics of Rehab Before Surgery

Often before surgery, the region to be operated on is weak, inflamed, and may be lacking range of motion. Physical therapy can help improve blood circulation to the area for increased mobility and pain relief. It also helps minimize compensatory movements. Restoring joint health prior to surgery can significantly decrease pain and accelerate postoperative recovery. Plus, in a rehab setting, you can talk with other patients who have already had the surgery and see their progress. You can also acquire the mental, physical and emotional confidence required to succeed in post-surgical programs by engaging with other patients.

Having surgery and wondering whether or not you’re a good candidate for rehab before surgery? Contact our team of physical therapists at Bethpage & Ronkonkoma, NY centers, and we’ll schedule a one-on-one consultation with a comprehensive evaluation. If you’re a good candidate for it, we’ll work with your physician to come up with the best course of prehab therapy for your specific needs. The road to recovery can begin before surgery.