Dennis F.

Dennis F Bethpage, Ronkonkoma & Hicksville, NY

Five years ago, I had my first stroke. That morning, when I woke up I noticed that my left arm felt funny. At first, I thought I slept on my arm the wrong way and went to work. While at work I kept bumping into the wall and my manager noticed I was speaking funny. Later that day my sister took me to the hospital where they ran numerous test, MRIs, and CT scans to see what was wrong. The the Dr. came in and told me I had a stroke in my brain behind my right ear. Before my stroke I was an avid golfer. Now after my stroke I found it difficult to swing the golf club. I had difficulty using my left leg and my right leg was very weak, making it difficult to maintain my balance when swinging the golf club. I started coming to physical therapy in the hopes to regain my strength. With this goal in mind the physical therapists had me doing leg exercises and using the exercise machines. With the help and encouragement of the staff at FPTW I was able to regain my strength back and get back into the swing of golf. Coming to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West has helped me feel good about myself again!