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Matt and Rich pushed me and gave me encouragement. I worked to the best of my abilities. It was a good experience and I hope I won’t be back soon. Thank you all!

Ralph S.

I’ve been coming to Farmingdale PT West for over a year now. I had a torn rotator cuff and my Orthopedist sent me for therapy and I eventually had surgery last October to repair it. The staff is incredible here. They are so attentive and caring. The atmosphere is so cordial and friendly. They have helped me through a painful experience that I thought would be impossible. I am so grateful for everyone here for such a positive experience. Although I had significant pain before, I am pain free now. Thanks to them.

Linda R.

When I arrived at Farmingdale PT West, I had difficulty walking. My left side was numb, and I was unable to move my left arm and hand. My fine motor skills were impaired, and my balance was almost non-existent. Today, I’m “graduating”, and my skills has improved thanks to intense work with Matt and his team. I can walk, climb stairs, prepare meals, shower safely without assistance, and shop. All in a relatively short time. I’m grateful toward the Farmingdale staff and especially Matt who worked diligently to get me back to functioning as I did pre-stroke.

Jackie C.

I have been a patient of Farmingdale PT West for Several years resulting from a strained neck and back. My neurologist sends me for therapy twice a week for pain management and to improve my body mechanics and gait. My mobility has improved despite a recent injury that I sustained at home.

Every week, I work with several members of their team. They are all professional, friendly, and helpful. I would like to note that I view Cassidy King as an immensely talented Physical Therapy aide. In addition to being efficient and thorough, Cassidy multitasks quite successfully in a fast-moving environment. I have witnessed her managing a variety of tasks with ease while maintaining her attention on every patient’s individual needs.

Cassidy is uniquely passionate and competent in her role as a Physical Therapy aide. She has really helped me get back on track. She makes every session enjoyable while treating me with respect and concern. I believe that Cassidy has made an incredibly positive impact on my recovery!

Frank P.

I came to Farmingdale PT West approximately a year ago, in February 2020. At that time, I was barely mobile due to undiagnosed extreme pain and muscle weakness in my right leg. Over the course of the year, I was treated for spinal stenosis, which was surgically corrected, though this didn’t correct the pain and weakness in my leg. I continued with PT until December of 2020, when I was diagnosed with a bad hip. I had that corrected at the end of December. I then continued with PT until the middle of March 2021. The therapists treated me for hip replacement therapy, where I regained the strength and flexibility that gave me back the mobility that I had lost for most of the past year.

I really appreciate the effort that both Matthew Petrovich and Richard Viskewich gave to help me regain my life. I have been to other PT facilities that give you certain instructions, and then you were on your own. At Farmingdale PT West, Matt and Rich were always observant and watched over the patients to make sure they were doing the exercises in the correct manner. I never felt abandoned in all the time that I spent going to Farmingdale PT. I want to thank everyone there for helping me regain my life.

David G.

I have enjoyed being here. I loved talking about what I do at school and Boces. I liked talking about Marvel with everyone. Physical Therapy workouts really help me out with my knee. Sarah and the other therapists gave me lots of exercises and encouragement to succeed. I will miss everyone here.

Connor L.

On July 13th, 2020, I had a total (right, reverse) shoulder replacement. I knew having my therapy here was the only place, and the best place I wanted to go to. I’ve been here before and the rehab is the absolute best. Vin was my therapist. Vin is a caring, more than qualified man. He got me to a very good place. I also want to mention Kevin who worked with me for two weeks. Kevin is also a compassionate, qualified therapist. In general, everyone here is very nice and helpful.

Carol J.

I have been a patient of Farmingdale PT West for Several years resulting from a strained neck and back. My neurologist sends me for therapy twice a week for pain management and to improve my body mechanics and gait. My mobility has improved despite a recent injury that I sustained at home.

very week, I work with several members of their team. They are all professional, friendly, and helpful. I would like to note that I view Cassidy King as an immensely talented Physical Therapy aide. In addition to being efficient and thorough, Cassidy multitasks quite successfully in a fast-moving environment. I have witnessed her managing a variety of tasks with ease while maintaining her attention on every patient’s individual needs.

Cassidy is uniquely passionate and competent in her role as a Physical Therapy aide. She has really helped me get back on track. She makes every session enjoyable while treating me with respect and concern. I believe that Cassidy has made an incredibly positive impact on my recovery!

Frank P.

Wonderful and helpful staff. It was a pleasure to come to Physical Therapy here. All the employees helped my healing process.

Bob G.

My experience here was very good. Before I came, I was very tight in my legs. Now I feel more flexible and I can do more activities like sports without my knees hurting. Overall, PT was a great experience.

Angel C.

This was the best physical therapy I’ve been to. All the workers are lovely and take their jobs very serious.

Joan & Thomas K.

My experience here at Bethpage PT was good. Started pre-surgery for rotator cuff injury, but I had a full tear. After surgery Vince and all the staff were very helpful in getting me back to normal. They helped me and explained as needed.

Raymond W.

Before Physical Therapy, I was unable to go from a sitting position to a standing. Richard worked with so that I now can. I also had trouble with my left leg and had to have manipulation therapy done on my left side. I’m now able to walk with my walker very comfortably. I also can use the stairs to go in and out of my house. I will be 94 at the end of January. I feel like this is a great accomplishment.

Sue B.

Very professional, knowledgeable, pleasant atmosphere. PT helped me get back to normal in a short period of time. Would recommend others with knee issues.

Thomas N.

From the moment I joined FPT West, every employee was supportive of my recovery & rehabilitation. I came here after a bad car accident that left my car totaled and my spine with so much pain that every-day activities like sitting were unbearable. With the expert guidance of Rich Viskewich, PTA, I went from that to being able to workout at the gym everyday pain free. My recpvery time: less than 4 months. If it weren’t were FPT West, I most likely would’ve ended up getting orthopedic surgery. But today, no surgery, and a full recovery. The best part: I’m now preparing for a bike marathon!

Paul M.

I had twisted my left knee and tore both the lateral and medial meniscus. I could not go anywhere, do anything without pain. Arthroscopic surgery was performed, and PT began. Climbing up/down stairs and getting in and out of the car was scary. Since starting PT, my pain has gotten less and is all but gone. I can walk freely and climb stairs and weight baring is not a problem at all. Stiffness is all but gone also. It’s a pleasure to resume my normal routine again! Many, many thanks to my physical therapist, Sarah. Her helping me has made all the difference!

Patricia Z.

It has been a great experience I’ve had during my PT sessions. I have learned a lot about how important exercises are. Everyone here was very helpful. The reason I had to start PT was because I had surgery on my left shoulder. Finishing therapy, I’m able to now use my arm about 90%. Thank you to all the staff at Farmingdale Physical Therapy!

Monzalin K.

I have been dealing with left hip discomfort for about 6 months. My job as a nurse requires me to stand on my feet for an extended period of time and also move and lift patients around a lot. I had a flame up recently and was in a lot of pain and was able to get an appointment and treatment very quickly. The physical therapists here were able to diagnose my symptoms and provide me with stretches and exercises to treat my discomfort. Overall. I’ve had a very positive experience here.

Joe C.

I came to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West after a bad car accident. When I started, I couldn’t walk without crutches. Today, I can do so much more and with a lot less pain. Thanks to Vin and the team I feel like I have my life back. I always recommend Farmingdale PT to my friends who need therapy.

Donald D.

I started coming here for rehab after surgery on my bicep and shoulder. Prior to surgery I was barely able to use my left arm to do much of anything. It’s a lengthy rehab so it was important to find the right physical therapist. I was fortunate to find FPTW because they’ve been great. They’re attentive and push you to challenge yourself while not making you uncomfortable. I look forward to seeing how far I’ll be able to go. It’s been great so far working with Jill.

Daniel S.

My experience here at FPT has been great. Before coming here, I had a lot of different minor issues with my right knee/leg (especially after soccer). Ever since I started PT, these issues have gone away. The main thing for me is that I have strengthened both of my knees and legs, in particular my weak one. I truly feel the best I have in a long time and that’s thanks to all of your help!

Christian L.

My FPTW story began in March 2012. I was in rehab after having my right hip replaced. Since then Butch and his staff have seen me through a left hip replacement, a right shoulder replacement, issues with sciatica and my achillies tendon and heaven only knows what other bumps in the road.

I have come through every incident with flying colors. The staff at FPTW excels in getting you back in shape. The difference is that they do it while really “caring” for you.

By that I mean that you are not just a patient. You are a person that needs therapy but you also need support, physical and emotional. You need to know that you are more than a body part that needs repair. You need to know that you are making progress. You need to know that if today’s session wasn’t as good as the last one, that it’s okay. It happens and that’s alright. We’ll just try to get back to that better session next time. If that exercise doesn’t work for you, we’ll try another one and if that doesn’t work there are still others that we will try. Vin went through days of modifying an exercise before we found a way that my shoulder would tolerate the stretching it needed.

Each time I said I couldn’t do it he simply said we’ll try something different next time. Finally we found the right one. There was never a “you’re not trying hard enough” or “of course you can do it”. There was always concern and encouragement. Always the unspoken we’ll get through this and I’ll be with you to make sure we do.

It is this special caring and support that makes FPTW the unique facility it is. I’m sure this is not the end of my FPTW story. I know they will be there the next time I need them.

Anna W.

I walked in without being able to move my neck and shoulder. Kevin worked, first to soften the stiffness. Then by strengthening my arm and shoulder.

I’m discharging 98% better. I have medical issues that are causing me to stop completely. But there is such a big difference from when I started. Everyone is clean and friendly. Couldn’t feel more comfortable. Thank you crew!

Mary Ann D, Patient

Before starting at Farmingdale PT West the mobility in the left side of my neck was limited. I had tightness, pain, and intermittent sharp headaches. After working with Kevin, the range of motion in my neck has greatly improved. The array of exercises I learned will help me to maintain this success. I am very grateful to Kevin and Farmingdale PT.

Michael W, Patient

My experience at PT was definitely very helpful. Before I was unable to bend my foot without pain, now I’m able to bend my foot a lot more than before. I’m also able to walk longer distances with better balance. Unfortunately, my pain still persists. The at-home exercises were a great help and I will continue to do them. Kevin is very nice and helpful.

Poonam L, Patient

I’m doing very well, everyone here was great. I was here before my knee replacement and of course after. Everyone there did such a great job on my knee that I was very fortunate to have no pain after the operation.

Nancy S, Patient

I started physical therapy due to a total knee replacement. I could barely bend my leg. After 3 months here I can now almost bend it fully. Jillian was great as well as her assistant’s, Cassidy, Rachel, and Joe. Everyone was very nice and helpful. The front desk ladies were very good at scheduling appointments to fit my schedule. The main thing I liked here compared to the many other PT locations I’ve attended is that they evolve the therapy as needed and are very hands on. They don’t just tell you a few exercises and have you do everything on your own every visit like other places. I always had a good laugh here and I highly recommend Farmingdale PT West.

Mark H, Patient

I called FPT in March of 2020. When I called, I spoke to Gloria (the owner) who assured me that they would have a place for me. The virus hit shortly after which stopped me in my tracks. 4 months later- I called again and spoke to Jillian, one of the PT’s. She told me to come in and again, that they have a place for me. June 2nd was my surgery on my right leg. June 8th I came into PT and didn’t know what to expect. They had me wash my hands as soon as I entered the facility, took my temperature, and then Vin came over and introduced himself. He was the PT working with me. He took one look at my leg and said “We’re going to get you stronger.” August 4th I had to have surgery on my left leg. August 10th I was back to PT. Today, no walker or crutches needed. I’m stronger and can do the things I want to do on a daily basis such as: go to church, grocery shopping, walks with Sal, cleaning my house, and doing laundry.

I could have never come this far without the help of Vincenzo, Rachel, Kerry, Ashley, Cassidy, Allison, Jill, Kevin, and Rich. It all started from a simple phone call with Jillian and Gloria. Please thank all who has helped me.

Vin thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Regina S, Patient

Jill did a great job making me feel better after 2 sprains. Had trouble walking on my feet, swollen, but now I’m much better!

Kristen K, Patient

I started coming here for rehab after surgery on my bicep and shoulder. Prior to surgery I was barely able to use my left arm to do much of anything. It’s a lengthy rehab so it was important to find the right physical therapist. I was fortunate to find FPTW because they’ve been great. They’re attentive and push you to challenge yourself while not making you uncomfortable. I look forward to seeing how far I’ll be able to go. It’s been great so far working with Jill.

Daniel S, Patient

My experience here was great. Everyone here was really nice and helpful. I loved coming to Physical Therapy and seeing Amanda every day. She makes PT better with her great personality. I would not have recovered as fast if it wasn’t for Kevin. Great experience, would come back again.

Gianna F, Patient

So, unfortunately this is my second time this year (2020) with a strained lower back muscle (QL). I had a lot of trouble rotating in any position, but with help from this staff, both PT’s and aides increased my mobility, confidence, & strength. Now I’m more knowledgeable and inspired to maintain my consistency with both stretching and strengthening.

Henry M, Patient

Although this was not my first rehab experience with Farmingdale PT it was the most difficult. However, thankfully all the Physical Therapists that helped guide me through a long methodical rehabilitation of my right shoulder got me to where I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. It was their professional knowledge and caring that has enabled me to regain most of my range of motion and strength. I am especially grateful to Butch, Vin, Rich, Jill, and Cassidy who have always had my back. I will miss them all.

James P, Patient

My experience, as a patient, was exceptional, and I appreciate how the staff met stringent Covid-19 care practices. A program was developed for my knee, which was painful, when descending steps, rising from a sitting position, swollen, and inflamed. My therapy regimen helped me to relieve or completely recover from these issues. Also, exercises were added or changed to meet what was needed for my knee recovery each week as well as a great at home exercise program to keep my knee flexible and pain free. Rich gave excellent therapy care- always kind, encouraging, and caring. The entire staff was friendly, all offering exceptional assistance, support, and extraordinary care.

Karen S., Patient

I hobbled into Farmingdale Physical Therapy West two weeks after my left knee replacement surgery and I thought I was going to hurt for quite a while. I thought wrong. On my first day, I was greeted by smiling, pleasant faces and invited to have a seat on one of the tables. My therapist, Jillian, did an evaluation and that is when a wonderful, fun time of heat, stim, cold packs, exercises, and conversations with other patients and staff had begun. The cane was rapidly given up and all through this experience there has been only constant attention by all members of the staff. I progressed rapidly and was cleared to resume my active lifestyle. Therefore, I will be going on a boat cruise after Thanksgiving and snowshoeing in New Hampshire in February. Thanks to all the staff for getting me back on my feet again and a special thanks to Jillian!

Marcia O, Patient

Today is my last visit and I am so sad that I will not being seeing the FPTW team anymore. They were great, very friendly, and very helpful. They care for their patients like family, I am going to miss them all. I came to this office with a lot pain, but now I feel great thanks to their care and patience. They are all wonderful, love you all.

Manal ES, Patient
Kevin M

I am a police officer and I partially tore a tendon in my right shoulder while trying to apprehend a subject at work. I have never had to attend physical therapy before and was a little nervous about what it was going to all be about. My mother recommended me to Farmingdale PT West because she’s been here before. When I got here and was introduced to the PT Staff of Jillian, Liz, and Joe I knew I had picked the right place. They were all very attentive and helpful no matter what I needed. My workouts were shown to me and the staff always had an eye on what I was doing. Jillian’s eyes are wandering around the room even if she is working with a patient and could spot me from across the room if i was doing a workout slightly wrong and could correct my form.

Everyday I arrived at the office, I would always be greeted with a smile and a big hello by the front desk staff. The thing I was most impressed about was no matter who it was, Jillian, Liz, Joe, or the front desk staff, they would always remember your name and exactly what you needed, It always made me feel very comfortable while at physical therapy and gave it a very “homey” feel. I would recommend Farmingdale Physical Therapy West to anyone and will definitely pass the word along to any of my coworkers who may get injured on the job.

Kevin M, Patient

Mirtelina M

I was having balance problems, losing my balance most of the time. Once I started with therapy and Scott set up different types of exercises, I have been able to get better. I’m not falling anymore, and I look forward to gaining full balance again. Thank you so much!

Mirtelina M, Patient

Sharon T

On August 18th I had total left knee replacement, I started my physical therapy program on September 2nd. I have to admit I had a lot of anxiety. Scott put me completely at ease. He assured me that what I was feeling was normal. Not only did I find Scott to be reassuring, but he was kind and most helpful. I remember when I couldn’t move my knee he told that it would take time and as long I did the program. He was right!
One day while I was here, all of a sudden I could lift my leg and it only got better. The exercise program, the med co, and the massages that Scott did for my knee made each day that much easier . I am now going to have my right knee replaced tomorrow. And I know when I come back, I will be in good hands. Thank you, Scott!

Sharon T, Patient

Rose W

Before I came here I had a stroke, and it left me very weak and tired and I had difficulty walking, etc. Thanks to the staff at Farmingdale PT West, captained by Scott Liptzin DPT, I have made great progress, I am much stronger, and can walk longer and further. Kudos to the staff at the front who are very helpful and keep things running smoothly. The therapists are all knowledgeable and very helpful. I am more than satisfied with my treatment here.

Rose W, Patient

Linda H

I was referred to your facility by neurologist after a diagnosis of severe spinal stenosis. The condition affected my legs and I had severe pain. My activities of daily living were severely compromised. I was unable to get out of bed or raise myself from a seated position. My walking was very limited and at times I need a cane. My balance was off and I had difficulty going up and down curbs.

The physical therapy has worked miraculously. I now experience discomfort only after arising from a seated position. I am able to walk for longer distances and my balance has improved. Stair climbing is still a problem, but I am confident the exercises you taught me will help me improve. Thank you!
P.S.- I am now able to travel and play tennis!

Linda H, Patient

Ann M

It was a great experience. Everyone was so nice especially my three friends who helped me so much. Stephanie was special. Her back rubs were so helpful. I felt good afterwards. There was Liz and Danny who were very attentive. Altogether everyone was friendly, helpful, and I loved it.

Ann M, Patient

John Z

I have been here with other issues and always was relieved at all times and well satisfied. This time I am well satisfied with the process of my problem. I would return with other issues requiring therapy in the future.

John Z, Patient

Mary C

My experience at Farmingdale PT West has been so positive. I would recommend friends and family if ever needed. The staff from front office to PT area has been consistently pleasant and helpful. Walking is much more comfortable than before my visits. Thanks to all!

Mary C, Patient

Michael H

I had been treated by Butch for a bilateral knee replacement in 2008. I developed both golfers and tennis elbow this year which was quite painful. After a cortisone shot, my doctor prescribed physical therapy in August and it has been very successful. I am currently pain free and able to function very well.

Michael H, Patient

Dave R

After having both knees replaced I wasn’t doing much more than walking at a slow, painful pace. After a few weeks at 3 times a week with Butch and his amazing team of friendly, professional assistants, I was walking pretty normal and back on my bike again. I’m a 45 minute drive away from the Farmingdale Location, but it’s well worth the trip. Thanks guys for all you’ve done for me.

Dave R, Patient

Imre M

Before coming to physical therapy, I had a lot of problems with my back. Working with Scott, I now walk better, feel better, and have less pain and stiffness. The two girls at the front desk are kind, helpful, and sweet. And Scott is an amazing therapist. He created a custom therapy plan for me and I feel significantly better. I am very thankful I found Farmingdale Physical Therapy West.

Imre M, Patient

I first went to Butch for therapy in 2001, then when I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. I have been back several times since. In June 2017, I had a total knee replacement. I then returned to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. It has been my experience that Butch is an excellent therapist. His enthusiasm and sense of humor encourages patients to persevere. I have improved much with therapy and no longer need to use a cane. I also thank all the other therapists, assistants, aides, and the staff up front for all their help. Everyone is always very friendly and present.

Mary T, Patient
Robert B

I am very grateful for the help I received at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. Before I started at physical therapy I could not walk up stairs, now I have no trouble walking and climbing stairs.

Robert B, Patient

Cynthia B

The massages have helped my knees feel better, they used to really hurt. The massage I received from Jillian didn’t hurt at all. The exercises have helped too after I started doing them it doesn’t hurt anymore, especially the leg lifts are good. Ice packs are good too they alleviate the pain. I am doing better now than when I first came here, the pain was bad and now it is better.

Cynthia B, Patient

Eileen C

Many thanks to my Physical Therapist, Scott Liptzin, who is truly amazing, Betty Ann a great PT Assistant and and Liz and Dan, the best PT Aides around for helping me go from limping with constant pain to now walking PAIN FREE! Farmingdale West Physical Therapy is a caring and professional place, one where I would highly recommend!

Eileen C, Patient

Richard G

I went to Dr. Ruotolo, I was having trouble with my right shoulder. He checked me out in my MRI. He said to me it wasn’t that intensified to get surgery. I asked him, “who would you go to for a physical therapist?” And he referred me to Henry “Butch” Purslow. I got here; Butch evaluated me. Gave me exercises to do with the staff. They were very attentive towards me. I felt better, I was moving better, I was listening to their exercises and how to do it. My shoulder got much stronger. I couldn’t be at a better place for treatment and fitness. I would always refer to anyone else to here.

Richard G, Patient

My experience with P/T was wonderful. I had bilateral knee replacement, at first I has littl emotion. Butch measured to me about 70 degree bend, by working with him we reach to 9 120 bend. When first riding the bike, it was very difficult for me, and now I can go full range on the bike. I walk without my walker, and can now bend my knees when walking. The staff from the beginning was always pleasant and positive. My experience has been nothing but fantastic. I thank the whole team for helping me in my recovery.

Frances A, Patient
Jon-Michael C

When I first came to physical therapy here at Farmingdale West, I had no idea how it would turn out. I first came here for my separated shoulder that I got from playing football. I was unable to move it in certain positions, but though the care of primarily Jillian and Joe, I was back to playing football. Times passed and I’m back again after having surgery on my knee after a torn meniscus. As I came back, I knew I would be in good hands. The whole atmosphere when you get there is welcoming and the staff cares about you. Through tough exercises and attendance from Jill, I have full range of motion back and now can return to go back playing football.

Jon-Michael C, Patient

My experience at Farmingdale West PT was a positive one. Everyone there was very friendly and knowledgeable. My PT, Scott helped me with my frozen shoulder. The aides were great, especially Liz and Danny. Very helpful and nice. As well as Jessica the receptionist, she was always welcoming and helpful as well. All and all they helped alleviate my pain when I was there, and when I was leaving supplied me with exercises to do at home. Thanks to all!

Carole K, Patient

Michael is the BEST! I think I was one the verge of a frozen shoulder and could barely lift my arm above my waist. Michael worked with me regularly and he also got me to exercise, which I haven’t done in years. Little by little Michael got my shoulder moving until I almost have full range of motion. I have terrible arthritis in my shoulder. It is also much less painful and I can fully extend my arm over my head. I am also motivated by Michael to lose weight and my knees have improved. Now I can lift my grandchildren without difficulty and finally get around to cleaning out my garage and attic.

Nicholas P, Patient

As I get older, I have been suffering from a condition of spinal stenosis and has caused extensive lower back pain and some sciatica issues. With treatment at FPTW, my back issues
along with some muscle spasms in my leg have subsided.
When I finally decided to see and orthopedic doctor, it was recommended to have both
knees replaced. The success results I received from previous treatments, have brought me back to Farmingdale PT West to continue with my therapy.
The knowledgeable staff headed by “Butch” Purslow, set up a program of exercises and muscle strengthening equipment, which has gotten me back to walking with confidence.
I want to thank everyone from Farmingdale PT West, for all of their help and support getting me back to enjoying life again, where I can stroll on the beach, play golf and chase my

Michael L, Patient
Grace C

I was so glad to have found this place to have physical therapy. I never needed it before and it is so great coming here. If I ask for anything the aides are so nice. Butch is the best! If anyone I know ever needs physical therapy I will always recommend Farmingdale Physical Therapy West.

Grace C, Patient

I have been coming to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for quite a number of years. I have been treated for my back and recently for my neck. I moved back to Brooklyn about 5 years ago. For convenience purposes I tried another therapy office that was “HIGHLY” recommended to me by a few close friends in my neighborhood. Needless to say I walked out of my session halfway through my appointment. I actually called Farmingdale Physical Therapy West as I was still in the other “therapy” office. I guess when you go to a place like FPTW that provides, performs and executes in such high standards, you just assume that everyone else would follow (well you know the saying for what happens when you assume.)

I have so many stories from Butch hearing about how my knee was bothering me. I was being treated for my neck. A few days later I was leaving from my session as Butch was walking in. The first thing he said was “how is my knee doing?” I replied it’s fine. Typical caring Butch said “I will be the judge of that” and told me to get on a table so he can look at it.

One day I came in, I was in so much pain BettyAnn noticed it in my eyes. When she started to work on me she said “I can see it in your eyes how much pain you are in”. She knows that when I get massage therapy I like it on the strong side. However, she said she didn’t think it was a good idea to work on me like that that day BUT she still had me feeling better than when I walked in.

Scott one day noticed that one of my spasms was really bad. He took extra time to work on me that day in order to work it out.

These are just a few of the MANY amazing stories of the passionate and amazing treatment you receive here at FPTW. You can hear, see and feel it as soon as you walk in from the front desk to the office staff, the entire FPTW team and even from the other patients. It really is like a family here and not like a physical therapy appointment. I look forward to my appointments.

Lori R, Patient

I always tell people you have to take charge of your life. That’s why I decided that Farmingdale Physical Therapy West (FPTW) sessions had to be a major commitment of my weekly schedule routine (2-3 times/week).

I’ve been treated by FPTW for the past 6 years for my chronic condition. Balance, motion range and muscle strength to mention few symptoms. FPTW family, led by Butch, kept me active, strong and kept symptoms under control and well managed. PT sessions done by Butch and his team has helped tremendously to control my condition, maintain mobility, and overcome challenging obstacles. The treatment sessions included many activities which helped restore muscle strength, balance & joint flexibility and move forward with my life. Butch and his team proved to not only be knowledgeable of what was needed for my therapy, but precisely what I am looking for. The positive, encouraging, safe, and comfortable environment played an essential role in my progress and recovery journey. Farmingdale PT West team made a world of difference to my range of motion (ROM), strength, and comfort. Thank you Farmingdale PT West for everything you have done. I appreciate having a lifelong friends who are supportive, and fun to be with! Going out of their way and taking the extra mile for patients is the norm here for all staff members

Ma, Patient

Hugh G

I have been coming to therapy for over 30 years, for dropped feet/neuropathy. When I first came I also had a mini stroke. My balance was very bad and walking was hard to do, Butch worked on my problems and they shortly improved. Butch always found time for me whenever I was at therapy. I also have seen many times before, how Butch did a lot of good things to help other people. All the staff members have been a great help.

When I first started going to therapy there were 7 to 8 patients with the same type of issues. After a while some of these people stopped coming, and soon after they neglected therapy, they returned. I continue to come so my condition doesn’t get worse. Thanks to Butch I am able to walk. He is a great therapist.

Hugh G, Patient

Emma DA

When I came to PT I was unable to walk because I had an ACL reconstruction to my left knee. I was extremely nervous when I walked in but right away I felt safe and I knew that I was in good hands. After 2 weeks of being on crutches I was finally walking which me and my mom didn’t think would happen. Week after week I kept getting pushed to do what everyone knew I could. After 4 months of hard work I was cleared and I never felt better. I couldn’t have done it without Butch, Vinny, Alex, and everyone from the office pushing me. I never thought would be playing soccer again, but now I’m playing in college. I wouldn’t be playing if it weren’t for them.

Emma DA, Patient

Dennis F

Five years ago, I had my first stroke. That morning, when I woke up I noticed that my left arm felt funny. At first, I thought I slept on my arm the wrong way and went to work. While at work I kept bumping into the wall and my manager noticed I was speaking funny. Later that day my sister took me to the hospital where they ran numerous test, MRIs, and CT scans to see what was wrong. The the Dr. came in and told me I had a stroke in my brain behind my right ear. Before my stroke I was an avid golfer. Now after my stroke I found it difficult to swing the golf club. I had difficulty using my left leg and my right leg was very weak, making it difficult to maintain my balance when swinging the golf club. I started coming to physical therapy in the hopes to regain my strength. With this goal in mind the physical therapists had me doing leg exercises and using the exercise machines. With the help and encouragement of the staff at FPTW I was able to regain my strength back and get back into the swing of golf. Coming to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West has helped me feel good about myself again!

Dennis F, Patient

Kathleen EW

I have been coming to physical therapy west for a while, and they could not be nicer. The staff is so helpful. My knee always bothers me after having a knee replacement and could do so much more than before. I could not walk long, now it does not bother me at all to walk or ride or bike. If I have a problem with anything my PT, Butch, helps me. I would tell everyone I know how well I did and how much respect I have for them.

Kathleen EW, Patient

Butch and the team are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They work well together to foster a friendly, caring environment. They’re always looking out for their patients best interests. I am so thankful for the wonderful work they’ve been doing to aid in my recovery from a serious injury. I highly recommend them!

Mark M, Patient

I would not be working if it was not for Butch and Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. Butch got me back on my feet after major surgery on both of my knees. I have severe back issues, and Butch helped me back on my feet again. I am no longer in pain. Butch also taught me how to prevent injury to my back and exercises to keep me mobile. Butch goes way above and beyond to treat, teach, and return patients to their highest level of function in light of their injury or disability.

Mary P, Patient

I have been a patient at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for a year. I have health issues that will more than likely keep me in PT for the rest of my life. Obviously, I’d rather not need PT at all, but since I do, I consider myself fortunate to have found Butch and the people who work with him. Everyone who works there is caring, friendly, and professional. Butch and the staff have created a very positive and encouraging environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Farmingdale Physical Therapy West to my family and friends.

Sharon O C, Patient

After serious unexpected surgery, I came to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West through a doctor’s recommendation. When I arrived (in a wheelchair), I immediately felt that I was in good hands. Both my husband and I were very impressed with the personal concern and professional manner in which I was treated. They provided me with a tailored personal program to address my specific requirements and afforded me the chance to regain my dignity, something that I had longed for and had greatly missed. Their staff is personable, compassionate and knowledgeable. If you have to have therapy after an injury or operation, I can’t say enough about this wonderful place and the individuals who make it so special. I have come so far and I truly believe it is greatly because of Farmingdale Physical Therapy West and the dedicated individuals that work there! Thank you for all you have done to help make me whole again.

Donna P, Patient

Butch is the best of the best. Brilliant, skilled, compassionate, and dedicated.

Rosalie W, Patient

I had two tears in my left shoulder that the OSurgeon stated required surgery as the shoulder was frozen as well. I elected to try PT first to see if that would assist me rather than trying surgery. Butch and his team were remarkable. While I completed 3 months of PT several months ago, my shoulder has returned to 95% mobility, including tucking my shirt in, and playing golf without hesitation. While I do some limited exercise, it almost seems unnecessary since my shoulder feels so good. I just wanted to thank Butch and his team for not only returning my shoulder to normalcy, but also doing that in a relaxed, fun, and professional atmosphere. Butch and his team are true professionals at what you do.

Brian M, Patient

Congratulations! Best of Long Island Physical Therapist! A testimony to your expertise, compassion and dedication, an award clearly earned and well deserved. Best wishes to “Butch” and Staff for continued service to the community.

C P, Patient