The Weather Outside Is Weather

Be careful out there this week folks. With temperatures dropping into the teens, and a predicted snow fall this weekend between 8-24 inches, there will be ice. As we all know too well, ice can be slippery  and very dangerous. Here’s a few tips to help keep you on your feet.  First off, try to limit your exposure outside. If you must go, then make sure to get errands done midday, limiting exposure to ice. Remember to dress warmly while running errands and don’t venture out to parts unknown during icy conditions. Stay local, and stay in familiar areas. Avoid any uneven terrain, or glossy surfaces. Keep your feet planted, and weight on your heels. Wear appropriate shoes for the weather. This means snow boots, and not sneakers! Snow boots have thick rubber soles to keep you from slipping. Don’t forget the importance of balance training! Make sure to hop on the Wobble board during your next appointment.

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