Ways to Achieve Your Gym Goal

Ways to Achieve Your Gym Goal

Most people have the desire to be more fit, to lose weight, be more active, and be healthier. But the problem we most often face is figuring out how to start and then we tend to struggle to stay motivated. These are some tips to succeed with starting your fitness journey and how to keep going:

Set a Goal

It’s easy to just say “I want to lose weight,” but when you set a specific goal for yourself, it is more effective when motiving you to try and achieve it. Make sure your goals are realistic and healthy. If you make an unrealistic goal such as “I want to lose 100lbs in a month,” not only is it extremely unhealthy but can also cause a huge loss in motivation because you are not reaching your goal. Keep your goals small and keep creating new ones after you achieve each one.

Be Prepared

Going into a gym for the first time can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming. A good way to get comfortable is by asking an employee for a tour of the facility so you can be comfortable with finding equipment. It is also a good idea to have a plan for exactly what you would like to do for each workout. Walking around and not knowing what to do can be discouraging. Decide what area of your body you want to work on that day and create a plan. You can also speak with a physical therapist at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West and they can assist you with creating workout plans.

Add it to Your Schedule

Make sure you set time aside for physical activities. By designating specific times during the week, it makes it easier to create a habit. Planning an hour out of your day, a few times a week will help ensure that you use the time to exercise.

Find What You Like

The gym isn’t for everyone and it’s important to find how you like to exercise. Some low-impact activities are going for a long walk, yoga, or bike riding. If you like group workouts you can try a dance class, spin class, or kickboxing. There are so many ways to get active, try out a few different options and see which exercises work best for you. Any way that you can get your body moving is good!

Bring a Friend

Having someone that you can workout with can make you feel more comfortable and get motivated. You and your friend can create challenges with each other which will give you something extra to strive for. Having a friend to push you when you are lacking motivation is a great way to keep you going!

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