FPTW Logo Contest

Attention all Farmingdale Physical Therapy West supporters. Farmingdale Physical Therapy West is looking for a new and attractive logo that will help distinguish our facility and grow our brand. Our mission at FPTW is to provide all patients and clients with an overall better quality of life, all within a positive, supportive, friendly environment. We strive to offer the best possible physical therapy services in order to ensure success for our patients. Our goal for the FPTW Logo Contest is to show this philosophy through a new and powerful logo. We encourage everyone to be trigger their inner creativity that we as employees see in our patients everyday. Please submit all of your entries to marketing@fptwest.com and a winner will be picked by the end of March. The winner of the FPTW Contest will received a special prize in exchange for their contribution to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. Enjoy and have fun!