5 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist When You’re Not Injured

5 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist When You’re Not Injured

Many people assume that physical therapy patients have sports or auto injuries. Our patient base is largely composed of patients with injuries. However, that doesn’t mean they are the only people who can benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists help people to reach (and remain at) the pinnacle of physical condition in many ways. Read on to learn how our Long Island physical therapy office can empower you to push the boundaries of your lifestyle!

1. Prevent Injuries

As compared to previous generations, adults today place more emphasis on physical activity. This is a great transition for our culture, as remaining active in older age has plenty of benefits. However, recreational sports and even endurance exercise can be potentially dangerous. People are more prone to degenerative injuries and injuries related to overuse.

A physical therapist at Farmingdale PT can evaluate your body to identify areas where you are vulnerable to injury. They will consider factors like function, muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, ligamentous laxity and body mechanics. Using this information, they can recommend a plan to strengthen vulnerable joints, and protect them from injuries.

Beyond preventing specific injuries, the therapeutic exercises performed during physical therapy will also strengthen muscles everywhere, lowering the overall likelihood of injury.

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2. Ease Your Mind

Sometimes, the knowledge that your body is less prone to injury is just as valuable as the bodily benefits themselves.

For example, knowing that your shoulder is no longer a point of tension will allow you to go throughout your workouts with less fear and skepticism. This freedom is valuable in pursuing a balanced workout strategy.


3. Learn Helpful, New Exercises

In addition to evaluating potential points of stress, much of a physical therapy session is spent performing guided exercises to enhance your body’s mobility. Attending Long Island physical therapy will help you to learn these exercises. Even after physical therapy sessions, these stretches and exercises will help encourage better fitness, and an increased range of motion.

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4. Save Money and Time

It’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive. Physical therapists can determine the issue that patients are having with a joint or muscle, with a high degree of confidence. So, this level of expertise allows patients to forego an investigative x-ray, MRI or CT scan, in all but the most dire situations.

Farmingdale Physical Therapy West can also help patients by preventing these problems in the first place. By strengthening the muscles and joints, patients will be less prone to these expensive injuries. Additionally, the cost of physical therapy is substantially less than the cost of surgery, and the recovery period.

5. Feel Better About Yourself

Our Long Island physical therapists are, more than anything, motivators. The enthusiasm that they carry for helping patients to get better is infectious, and brings out the best in patients. Completing physical therapy helps patients to lose weight, eat healthier, and approach their lifestyle with more care. Long Island physical therapy helps patients to adjust their overall body image, and approach tasks with both caution and passion.


Find a Long Island Physical Therapist!

With the right techniques, physical therapy will make a welcome addition to anyone’s life. It will help you to prevent injuries, and lead a physically active lifestyle. Contact us for more information about how physical therapy can play a role in your lifestyle.

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