BioFreeze Pain Reliever

Whether it’s from a sore, overworked muscle or joint discomfort, pain in our body can affect our day negatively. This is why pain management is so crucial to living an enjoyable, active and productive life. If you’ve ever received a massage here at FPTW, it is likely that you’ve experienced the cool, numbing feelings of BioFreeze.
BioFreeze is a topical pain reliever. This means the product is applied directly to the area of pain for almost immediate relief. BioFreeze has been the number one most recommended topical pain reliever in the United States for over 20 years, for good reason. In a clinical study 9 out of 10 patients preferred BioFreeze opposed to conventional pain management with ice. We are pleased to announce our new line of BioFreeze products, available at the front desk, which can be bought for a reasonable price. Check it out today!

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