BioFreeze Pain Reliever

BioFreeze Pain Reliever

Whether it’s from a sore, worn-out muscle or joint discomfort, pain in our body can affect our lives negatively. This is why pain management is so crucial to living an enjoyable, active and productive life. To us, physical therapy is about providing our patients with the ability to live pain-free, uninhibited lives. Therefore, we’ll use every reputable technique at our disposal in order to make that happen.

Our methods involve everything from basic physical therapy (massages, exercises, dynamic stretches) to topical pain relievers. In fact, many of our patients are very familiar with our use of BioFreeze. In this post, we’ll explore what BioFreeze is, why and how we use it, and more. Read on to find out more!

What is BioFreeze?

Basically, BioFreeze is a topical pain reliever. This means that the user applies it directly to the affected area for nearly-instant relief. It feels cool, soothing and numbing once it make contact with the skin. In addition, it has a new and improved formula. Now, it’s a lot more natural, with zero waxes, oils or petroleum. It’s also 100% paraben free, which means it won’t dry or irritate your skin.

BioFreeze helps to soothe arthritis pain, back pain, neck, hip and leg pain, painful joints, ankle or foot pain, muscle soreness, strains, shoulder and arm discomfort. Whether your pain is chronic or acute, BioFreeze can help to eradicate it.

Why Use It?

We at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West are far from the only clinicians in the world who consistently use BioFreeze to help our patients. In fact, many physical therapists consider it to be the best topical pain reliever available today. And when it comes to physical rehabilitation, health care professionals all over the world keep it in stock to aid in treatment. There are several questions you should ask your physical therapist, including which topical pain relievers they recommend.

In a clinical study, nine out of ten patients preferred BioFreeze, rather than conventional pain management with ice. Pre-treating painful areas of muscle spasm allows the muscles to relax very quickly, improving treatment response. And by helping the muscles relax, BioFreeze is great for ultrasound treatments, massage and rehab, on many areas of the body.

Additionally, many athletes incorporate BioFreeze into their self-care routines. Applying it before and after practices, stretches, games and workouts helps them to alleviate any of their pain or discomfort. In fact, some of them place packets of BioFreeze into a Dixie cup, with water, freeze it, and use it as an ice massage.

Many other people outside of the medical or athletic fields rely on BioFreeze to ease their sore muscles, plus acute/chronic injuries, general aches and pains. Since it greatly lessens their discomfort and restores their strength and agility, it enables a much faster return to their desired activities.

Interestingly, a clinical study found that when BioFreeze gel was applied to one leg, the opposite leg’s blood flow decreased. This suggests that BioFreeze’s effects operate systemically. And since pain is regulated by the central nervous system, this is enormously significant.


Conclusion – Farmingdale Physical Therapy West

Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West, we maintain a passionate commitment to our practice, specifically eradicating the pain of our patients. When an irksome, restrictive pain dominates your everyday life, it can greatly reduce your quality of life. Therefore, we utilize any effective means at our disposal to eliminate this pain and restore your ability to do what you love most.

BioFreeze is just one of the tools we apply to our practice. And we’ll continue to use it as long as it delivers excellent results. In fact, we even offer BioFreeze for our patients to purchase, available at our front desk!

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