Introducing the Alter-G Zero Gravity Treadmill!

Hello everybody! Farmingdale Physical Therapy West is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill. This new technology allows patients to rehabilitate faster than ever before with much less pain. First, the patient’s lower body is secured while the device is specifically calibrated to each individual. The patient becomes “lighter” as the treadmill inflates with air, reversing the effects of gravity. Next, your therapist selects the appropriate percentage of weight for the lower extremities to bear. An example would be if you weighed 100 pounds when you use the Alter-G on 20% bearing you would only be running/walking with 20 pounds. This state-of-the-art technology enables patients to strengthen and regain mobility using the body’s natural motion while significantly reducing the risk of further injury. Want to learn more? Still curious? Come on down to the clinic and ask us for a trial. We’ll be happy to show you!

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