6 Things a Physical Therapist Suggests You Do to Eliminate Back Pain and Sciatica

6 Things a Physical Therapist Suggests You Do to Eliminate Back Pain and Sciatica

Chances are, you’ve been living with back pain for a while and have tried many remedies to help. You may be surprised by the simple suggestions your physical therapist has in store!

Physical therapists are trained to help people with pain and physical limitations. One of the most common problems is back pain. Back pain can be debilitating and it is important that you find a physical therapist in your area who can provide treatment for you today!

Our physical therapists at Farmingdale PT West will take a full assessment of your condition and create an individualized treatment plan for you.

In this article we will go over 6 simple things your physical therapists may suggest to eliminate back pain!

1. Strengthen your core

One physical therapist says, “Strengthening the core muscles can help alleviate back pain.” This is because when your core muscles are strengthened it helps to decrease tension in the lower back.

Our physical therapists may prescribe exercises or provide a hands-on treatment of stretching and strengthening with light weights for you to do at home!

2. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce stress on the spine

We want you to be healthy and happy! So we recommend maintaining a healthy weight to reduce stress on the spine. Tone your muscles with exercise, and if you’re looking for a new workout routine, ask one of our PTs for advice. And don’t forget about mental health either!

3. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise each day

Get at least 20 minutes of exercise each day: it reaps many benefits including increased blood flow which can help decrease back pain. Exercise is also an excellent way to release endorphins–the natural “feel good” hormones that contribute to feelings of happiness.

Get up every morning and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try daily push-ups and sit-ups. Walk around during lunch break without sitting down in front of your computer screen all day long

4. Stretch regularly and take time to relax

Stretching is just one of the many ways to keep your body healthy and happy. Our physical therapists recommend taking time each day for stretching or yoga, which can improve range of motion in your joints and muscles, increase circulation to the brain, boost mood levels by releasing endorphins that naturally occur during exercise – lowering stress levels – and even slow down the aging process!

With all these benefits it’s no wonder everyone should be incorporating more stretches into their daily routine.

5. Take care of your feet by wearing supportive shoes that fit well, avoid high heels, and use arch supports when needed

If you’re suffering from back pain and sciatica, or just want to prevent it, take note of this advice from your Farmingdale physical therapist. Wearing supportive shoes that fit well is a great start! Avoid high heels if possible, and use arch supports when needed. These steps will not only help keep you walking comfortably, but also make sure your back doesn’t give out on those long walks in the park!

It’s important to take care of your feet because they are the foundation of our physical existence. Our PTs can help determine what type of shoe will work best for you and provide arch support when needed. When buying shoes, make sure that the back is high enough so it doesn’t slip off your heel or leave space between your toes and front edge of the sole.

Your physical therapist may also refer you to a podiatrist if there are any other foot issues that need intervention such as bunions, corns, hammertoes, etc.

6. Sleep on a firm mattress with a pillow that is just right for you

We recommend that people suffering from back pain or sciatica sleep on a firm mattress with a pillow. A study found that sleeping this way can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with these conditions.

A physical therapist can help assess your sleep habits and recommend how you can improve your quality of rest. The physical therapist may provide therapeutic exercises to loosen tight muscles or teach ways to avoid sleeping positions that aggravate back pain. These steps will not only lead to better physical health, but also mental wellness.

Final Thoughts from Farmingdale Physical Therapy

The final thing your physical therapist may suggest is that you find a way to make your work or home environment more ergonomic. They will likely ask if there are any desks, chairs, and computer monitors in the office or house that could be moved around for a better fit. This can help alleviate some of the pressure on your back by making it less strenuous.

Additionally, it will decrease how often you have to stretch from one spot to another when working at computers all day long!

If you need someone who understands what it’s like dealing with chronic pain and knows how to get rid of it, give us a call today!

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