The Dangerous Effects of Sitting

Unfortunately, as a result of the demands on our lifestyles whether at home or at work, we have become more sedentary than ever before. Whether we sit at a work desk for 8 hours a day, sit in on conference calls, shop for food or clothes at home rather than run typical errands, we have become more inactive than ever before. Our bodies were not designed to sit all day long, in actuality we were made to squat. Sitting can have severe negative and even deadly effects on the human body which has been proven by scientific research and studies. Research has shown that prolonged sitting increases the risk of muscular problems, several types of cancers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It is also the worst position for the neck and lower back since its puts more compression on the intervertebral discs. With that being said, what can you do to rectify this situation? I tell my patients who are relegated to desk work all day to try and stand, or walk around every 20 minutes. Here are 3 quick solutions.

  1. Buy a standing desk. They’re not difficult to find at all types of furniture stores or even online. Most people who have switched to a standing desk have felt improved concentration and energy.
  2. Take a walk.If you have an hour break or even just 15 minutes use the time to either take a brisk walk or even stand while eating.
  3. Stretch.Many people think of stretching as a warm-up to sports or post recreational activity, or an injury-prevention precaution; however, stretching should be part of a daily routine. Stretching on a regular basis is healthy both physically and mentally. Not only does it help with flexibility, posture, injury prevention, increased nutrition, and reduced soreness, but it also relieves tension and increases energy. Please refer to the videos on our website for basic stretching instructions.


As I have mentioned in previous blog posts please remember to stay hydrated, eat right and do your home exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle.