Plantar Fasciitis workouts and stretches


What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a foot injury caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia and is most commonly found in highly active individuals. In addition, individuals who are highly overweight or wear shoes without the proper support of the arch of your foot are also at risk.

man with weights resistance training


The Importance of Resistance Training

Originally published on November 17, 2016, this post has been updated for relevancy and accuracy. Simply put, certain forms of exercise don’t get the praise they deserve. Of course, at Farmingdale Physical Therapy, just about every form of exercise is one we recommend. We’ll never discourage our patients from implementing regular, effective workout routines into…
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Tips To Help Maintain Your Diet

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t struggle with dieting at a certain point? Nowadays, it seems like just about everyone’s trying to lose weight. Of course, as physical therapists, we want all of our patients to be as healthy as possible. This includes maintaining a healthy, ideal weight. Sometimes, to reach a healthier weight, we…
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woman with back pain


Back Pain: What Causes it and What Can You Do?

The spine is divided into three portions: the cervical (upper portion), the thoracic (middle portion), and the lumbar (lower portion). Each portion of the spine has a different natural curve that acts as both protection of the back and allowance of proper movement. Over time, the effect of gravity has the potential to influence these…
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