Migraines & How PT Can Play a Factor in Recovery

Migraines are an incredibly painful and debilitating headache. In addition, they can severely impact quality of life for those who experience them. Typically, when an individual first gets migraines, the cause is initially unknown. However, once the doctor reviews medical history and rules out other causes (such as family history), they usually find the cause.…
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Woman gardening in springtime


How to Avoid Back Pain During Gardening Season

Now that spring has sprung here on Long Island, many of us will begin venturing outdoors again to pursue our favorite activities. While gardening can be a relaxing pursuit, back pain is common among those with a green thumb. Gardening season is almost here, so we’re sharing some helpful tips on how to care for…
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Group doing high intensity workout


Benefits of Having a Strong Core

You’ve heard countless comments from just about everybody, discussing how they would kill for nice, chiseled abs. Or, you’ve likely heard many people claim that one day, they will have a gorgeous six-pack. Of course, there’s a definite visual appeal to having a lean and toned stomach. However, there are also several other benefits to…
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woman holding lower back in pain


Tips for Staying Well After Physical Therapy

Following physical therapy treatment, you’re ready to take on the challenges you’ll face post-therapy. That can be anything from tying your shoes to your favorite recreational activity.  Sure, your formal treatment may be complete. However, it’s important to continue the steps you’ve taken to recover. This applies even after your sessions conclude. As you look…
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Young woman practicing yoga, phalankasana Plank pose


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

In addition to simply being a fantastic way to exercise, yoga can balance body, mind and spirit. Additionally, practitioners experience an invigorating sense of serenity and wellbeing throughout a challenging physical routine. The best thing about yoga? Anyone can reap the benefits – no matter what age, gender, size, strength or flexibility. And it yields…
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