Quick Breakfast Smoothies

The mornings can be a hectic time for everyone. Waking up and making a well balanced breakfast can be a daunting task for a lot of people. That’s where smoothies come in. Smoothies are ...

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Exercising During Pregnancy

The body is a truly amazing thing, and there are many changes that occur to the body during pregnancy to accommodate for the growth of new life and delivery. With these wonderful changes, comes ...

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The Importance of Resistance Training

Resistance training is not the resistance to training. Resistance training is a form of exercise where the muscles in your body are trained to contract against an external force. Our muscles must adapt by ...

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Staying Active as We Age

Some say “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” and that’s true, until you start to “feel” your age. The best way to be able to enjoy your “golden years” and the retirement you worked ...

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Highlight Article of the Week 10/10/16

Each week here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West, we try to provide our patients with an upbeat and interesting article to help motivate patients to reach their utmost potential through interesting and eye-opening pieces ...

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Am I Doing Enough Cardio?

How much cardio should we be doing in a span of a week? How about a day? Are you undertraining or overtraining? It is tough to give a definite answer because cardiovascular endurance will ...

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The plank is a underrated workout for your abs!


Mastering the Plank

What if I told you crunches should NOT make up the bulk of your abdominal work? Most of us have been doing crunches since high school however, planks should compromise majority of core strengthen. ...

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